Super Sunday Golf Tournament

We are excited to invite you to participate in the upcoming Super Sunday Golf Tournament at Neshobe Golf Club. This promises to be a thrilling event, and we would love to have you join us for a day of golfing excitement.

Here are the details for the tournament:

  1. Date: February 11th
  2. Location: Neshobe Golf Club
  3. Tournament Format: Simulator Golf Tournament
  4. Course: Wolf Creek’s Virtual Course
  5. Team Composition: Pick your team of 5
  6. Tee Times:
  7. Two teams at 9 am
  8. Two teams at 1 pm
  9. Entry Fee: $100 per team (winner takes all)
  10. Entry fee includes simulator golf and contributes to the prize fund
  11. Rules: Teams must use everybody’s tee ball 2 times during the tournament

Come play a round of simulator golf before the big game! This tournament promises not only an enjoyable golfing experience but also the chance to compete for the winner-takes-all prize. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your golfing skills and have a great time with fellow golf enthusiasts.

To secure your spot in the tournament, please call (802) 247-3611